Glam Glow’s New Glitter Mask Review

Glam glow

It’s an interesting time in beauty, if you ask me. Glitter is back with a vengeance — that is, if you considered glitter ever gone in the first place. I wasn’t a glitter girl myself until this year. I like to keep things understated when it comes to my jewelry, and while I love makeup, I tend to focus on shimmer over straight-up glitter. Glam Glow Glitter

It’s not just me. Instagram is rampant with slow-motion swatches of the stuff; Knowing this, brands are eager to make products that create the ultimate in sparkly beauty product porn. Enter the recent launch of glitter masks.

The leader of this particular movement is Glam Glow, the Los Angeles-based skincare phenom that is known for its signature Gravity Mud treatments. The brand’s clay masks are the only ones I can wear without having to fear a potential breakout the next day, and my skin truly is brighter and clearer after removal. But in the name of being honest, I have to ask: is this mask just a gimmick? Are there any benefits at all? Or it it just a ploy to get Instagram likes?

What does the Glam Glow glitter do?

Absolutely nothing. The glitter itself is not infused with hyaluronic acid or any other ingredient and doesn’t pull anything out of your pores. It’s just a glitter, and it’s there for aesthetics and amusement.

So, you’re probably wondering: “Will this mask help me life my best glitter life?” In short: Yes. I was surprised at how opaque and sparkly the mask was after I applied a thin, even, coat of it to my face using a brush.

How to use  Glam Glow Glitter ?

It’s recommended that you leave the mask on for a good 30-45 minutes for it to completely dry so that when you peel it off you aren’t left with any stray sparkles. As for me, I waited about 40 minutes and tapped the mask with my index finger to make sure it wasn’t still wet before tugging at it. To be honest, I was kind of skeptical that I wouldn’t see any glitter particles left on my face, but I was proven wrong. The mask came off effortlessly and my skin was glitter-free—and noticeably firmer.


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