Do You Know Your Job Interview Makeup Do’s and Don’ts?


If you’re pounding the pavement in search of a new job, it’s only a matter of time before you’re called in for an interview. And while you may not even realize it, your beauty look has a lot to do with whether or not you land your dream position. It’s all about first impressions! It should be a FORMAL MAKEUP!

When you’re doing your makeup for a job interview, think soft and natural. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to choose shades within a close range of your skin tone. You want to make a good impression, without overdoing it. It’s better to blend in than it is to stand out by overdoing and wearing too much makeup.

What’s the best way to do your hair for an interview?


The goal is to wear your hair how you’re most comfortable — you just need to be sure it looks neat (aka free of frizz and flyaways). So to ensure you don’t have a bad hair day on the day of your interview, either get a blowout the day before, since the look will stay for 24 hours, or go for a sleek ponytail.




hair style


1: Less is more

Nothing is prettier than a girl who is confident in her own skin, and by wearing less makeup that’ll shine through to the big boss interviewing you, who will be impressed by your killer resume, fresh face, and the confidence you exude.

if you apply pancake foundation and wear loud lipstick, that will be the most distracting factor for your interviewer and can make you look tacky. Use eyeliner subtly, add a light coat of mascara to open up the eyes and give a soft foundation base with some understated blush, just a hint.

2. Say no to bronzer:

Bronzer is something that should be left to Saturday nights – bronzer tends to work for a more dramatic look and trust me, dramatic is the last thing you should look like when attending an interview! Create a softer look for your face by using a hint of blush subtly on your cheekbones.

3. Groomed brows and a neutral eye look


A coat of mascara and neutral eyeshadow is sufficient for your eye makeup look. Mascara truly opens up your eyes, while using natural tones for your eyeshadow defines your eyes without it being too distracting.Opt for a pencil liner over a liquid one as it looks much softer on the eyes. Save the smoky eye for a night out on the town.  Coat your eyebrows with a brow gel (or spritz a little hairspray onto a spoolie) to keep them in place throughout the interview. Eyebrows truly frame your face and ungroomed brows can be quite distracting on the visage

nude eyeshadow look

. 4.Keep it soft:

Nykaa So Matte Lipstick – Taupe Thrill 12 M Nykaa So Matte Lipstick - Taupe Thrill 12 M

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – Crush Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick - Crush

M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick – Runway Hit M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick - Runway Hit

When it comes to lip colour, use softer shades like peach, nude, light pink and so on, or even just clear gloss. It’s best to leave the fiery reds and purples for after-hours. Subtle is good, and shows that you made an effort but you didn’t overdo it.  Save the red lipstick on the right for a night out or a party! The soft nude shade on the left is perfect for interviews.

Try Pencil Eyeliner for a Softer Look


If you’re used to doing cat eyeliner, tone it down for your interview. Rather than extending your eyeliner past the outer edge of your eye, end it right there. You can also use a pencil, as opposed to liquid liner, to achieve a softer, less harsh look.

5. Skip the nail art.

nail paint

Your hands are one of the first things your potential employer will see. If you don’t typically wear nail polish, Williams suggests shaping your nails and adding a coat of clear polish. But if you prefer color, make sure it’s fresh, not chipped. Keep things simple. “While nail art may be in style, it also might look distracting,” advises Williams.

Makeup Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

  1.  Wearing the wrong foundation shade.
  2.  Applying makeup on dry, flaky skin
  3. Wearing blue, purple, black eyeshadow
  4. Over-tweezing (or ignoring) your eyebrows
  5. Trying to “sculpt” your face
  6. Wearing glitter
  7. Wearing black eyeliner in the daytime

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