PAC Eye Lashes 61 Review

PAC Lashes

Like most other women, I too dream of long, thick, curled eyelashes. Unfortunately, though, I was never blessed with them. So whenever I wanted to create that long thick eyelash look, I always sought the help of mascara. While that does the job to an extent, it doesn’t give a completely full look. And that’s where falsies make an entry. I first used eyelashes when I began doing makeup professionally. Sadly, it wasn’t on myself but on a client. And the way it looked, made me fall in love. Ever since then, I have been a big false eyelash fan.Today I will review the PAC Eye Lashes 61

PAC Cosmetics is a professional makeup artist brand with an aim at bringing the highest quality, innovative cosmetic products to all makeup lovers and professional artists. The brand is known for their wide range of trendy makeup products, tools, brushes, and accessories

How to use PAC Eye Lashes 61

  • Apply lash glue(I use DUO) to the lash band and make sure its applied well to the ends
  • Wait for a couple of seconds till it dries and the glue becomes sticky
  • Apply just above the lash line
  • You can also use a tweezer to apply the lashes

My Experience With PAC Eye Lashes 61:

Pac Lashes

PAC Eye Lashes are well packaged. It comes in a cardboard box with a transparent cut-out in front to see the lashes clearly. The box has the directions written on the back, which was pretty helpful. Once you open, you will see a plastic tray which has the lashes. I chose no. 61 which belongs to the “Tapered lashes” series. The band of the lash is really refined, thin and perfect. The size was a bang on as I was dreading the thought of cutting the band to fit my eyes. However, it was perfectly tailored for the eyes and the look is completely natural and voluminous.


The very first thing that attracted me was that the eyelashes are natural looking and affordable. There are some crazy dramatic eyelashes available in the market but those look extremely horrendous and unnatural. One of best tip I learned over the years is that you have to invest in quality false eyelashes. However, it doesn’t mean expensive. Ardell, PAC, NYX, etc. these brands manufacture some really good and affordable eyelashes which are perfect for the beginners. These eyelashes can be used multiple times when you take good care of it. I have worn it 3-4 times now and I believe it is pretty long lasting.

Positives of the PAC Eye Lashes- 61

  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Good Quality
  • Neat Packaging

Negatives of the PAC Eye Lashes- 61

  • No issues so far!

Would I recommend and repurchase?

Definitely. Going to stock up very soon!

About the Author: Vandana Khubchandani

My name is Vandana Khubchandani. I am a Science Graduate student. And a Website Developer. All the makeup i know today all is taught by my Mom to me and off course YouTube helped me much. All this stuff about my blog is taught to me by my computer mentor. I am badly addicted to food and particularly my mom’s food and chocolates and ice-creams list is endless. I am huge crazy about Skin care products.

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