PAC Makeup Brushes Review!

PAC makeup brushes

I am back with this long overdue review. I think you must have all heard a lot about the brand PAC cosmetics so far. They have some great makeup brushes at a very affordable price range. I was looking for some eye makeup brushes when I came across a video on youtube where someone was very happy with their range. I decided to give it a try and I am finally ready to share my review 🙂

PAC stands for Professional Artists Cosmetics and is used by many celebrity makeup artists. The brands has a huge range of makeup brushes including the much famous Beauty Blender. Also, they have Liners, Kohl’s, Lip Liners, Lipsticks, Eye Shadows, Empty Palettes, Eye Lashes and what not. Basically they have full collection of makeup products that you would expect from any Makeup Brand.


The brushes are all super soft and I have cleaned/washed them about 5-6 times now and there has been absolutely no shedding at all. They resemble MAC makeup brushes a lot but offcourse these come at a fraction of the price that MAC retails at. I have heard they are made in the same factory as the MAC ones. I am not 100% sure on the cruelty free status but I hope so much that they are cruelty free brushes. One thing I have noticed with these is that after washing, sometimes the bristles go in all kinds of directions. I just smooth them down with my hand they are all good afterwards. No complaints whatsoever on shedding or harshness of them at all.

Packaging: I must say that i was slightly disappointed with the packaging as there was absolutely no bubble wrap rather thermocol was used to secure the stuff. My products have arrived safe but what if there had been eye shadows in there.. I am sure they would have crushed. I never had issues with amazon orders but this one was not up to the mark.PAC makeup brushes

My Experience with the PAC Makeup Brushes

The brush works well with cream as well as with powder products. The bristles are super dense, very good quality bristles designed to give a flawless finish. The tapered head of the brush helps to get in the nooks and corners of the face like in the inner corner of the eye and in the corners of the nose. The bristles are extremely soft, they don’t feel harsh on the delicate areas of the eyes. The sturdy handle makes it easy to manoeuvre the brush on the face.

About the Author: Vandana Khubchandani

My name is Vandana Khubchandani. I am a Science Graduate student. And a Website Developer. All the makeup i know today all is taught by my Mom to me and off course YouTube helped me much. All this stuff about my blog is taught to me by my computer mentor. I am badly addicted to food and particularly my mom’s food and chocolates and ice-creams list is endless. I am huge crazy about Skin care products.

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