Simple Tips to Look Glamorous Like Actresses

Gigi Hadid

1. Invest in good skin care: Like we all know that actresses wear tons of makeup every day. Trust me, like tons of makeup. They wear CC/BB creams whilst travelling too. And because of constantly applying too many products, they always invest in skincare.

Simple Tips to Look Glamorous Like Bollywood Heroines

If you do not want to apply too many chemicals then try organic products else you can follow some homemade packs and masks to pamper your skin every week.

2. Blush and highlight your beauty:

Simple Tips to Look Glamorous Like Bollywood Heroines

Till where I have noticed, I can surely say that contouring is at a minimal stage in Bollywood and so is the bronzer. Go light with the contour and instead opt for a blush. Add some colours to your cheeks and make them dewy with a highlighter to complete your glamorous Bollywood avatar!

3. Red lipstick is everything:

Gigi Hadid

If you have been a fan of Kareena Kapoor, you know how much she loves her red nails and red lips! Even when it comes to Priyanka Chopra, she always wears red or maroon lip colours. While these two ladies stick to their favourite reds, DeepikaPadukone opts for a red with an orange undertone. So basically, red lipstick is a must have for your glamourous look!

4.Primer is a must:


We all usually do moisturize our face but before applying makeup, use a primer always. If you have large pores then buy something that hides your pores well so that your skin looks flawless. You will find amazing primers out in the market for several different reasons. So BUY them! Actresses always put on primers before glamming up.

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My name is Vandana Khubchandani. I am a Science Graduate student. And a Website Developer. All the makeup i know today all is taught by my Mom to me and off course YouTube helped me much. All this stuff about my blog is taught to me by my computer mentor. I am badly addicted to food and particularly my mom’s food and chocolates and ice-creams list is endless. I am huge crazy about Skin care products.

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