The Face Shop The Solution Brightening Face Mask Review

The Face Shop The Solution Brightening Face Mask Review

Today’s review is going to be on The Face Shop the Solution Brightening Face Mask. It is a lovely mask to make a dull skin bright and fresh. Read on to know how it works on my skin.

PACKAGING of The Face Shop the Solution Brightening Face Mask:

The Face Shop The Solution Face Mask is a one time use sheet mask that comes in a white pouch with test tube design on it. The pouch has a papery texture which makes it easy to tear open the pouch unlike some plastic pouches which must be opened with a little effort. These sheet masks are hygienic and so travel friendly.

The Face Shop describes these masks as light as air sheet. And yes as they say these are super ultra thin measuring 0.21 mm and feels very light and weightless on the skin. The sheet mask itself is made of a good quality fabric cotton that feels soft and airy on the skin. Unlike many other sheet masks, this one has a thin glossy film that has to be removed from the actual sheet mask. That’s why it adheres well to the face and you know what I was able to walk around everywhere the entire time I had this mask on. No falling or sliding off. It stays in place until we remove it.

My Experience with The Face Shop the Solution Brightening Face Mask:

It has a silvery glossy plastic film inside the packaging. This film is same as the sheet mask. They describe the mask as an Air Sheet and yes it is a very light weight semi transparent white mask.

I think quantity is enough to cover up my whole face and still it remains in the pouch, that I can use after remove the mask as a massage gel. Size of the sheet mask is perfect for my oval face.

It fits nicely and gel easily sticks on my face that I can move or walk easily with it. Also, it is easy to peel off from face.

I kept this for around 20-25min on face and then I massaged the gel on face for around 5min and rinse it off. Sheet is full of moisturizer, that starts to penetrate my skin nicely after few minutes

it is not best for dry skin, like the real nature’s range. It is good for normal to oily skin, that helps to maintain the perfect balance of hydration.

Pros of The Face Shop the Solution Brightening Face Mask:

  •  Affordable.
    Contains fresh pleasant smell.
  •  Contain perfect amount of moisturising gel.
    Feels very fresh & soothing.
  • These masks are formulated without parabens

Cons of The Face Shop the Solution Brightening Face Mask:

  • Contains alcohol and other chemicals.
  • Not for dry skin types.
  • The brightness lasts for minimum 2 days after which its completely gone.


Rating: 4.5/5

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