Winter Skin Care Routine


I am writing this very first blog. I hope your new year is going well till now and wish you all the best for the year ahead. I m going to tell you what winter skin care routine i use to follow and I am quite happy with that.

So finally its winter season now and skin gets really dry and patchy. Winter weather is not fun for skin. Cold weather and Low humidity levels can make the skin really dry throughout the winter.

Without immediate care, dry skin can lead to several problems like cracking of the skin and sometimes bleeding too .And in that you really need to take care of your skin .And in that case you really need to follow a healthy skin care routine

So in this article i am going to tell you my skin care routine for this chilling weather.

EXFOLIATE – First step of Winter skin care routine

First step which I follow i in my routine is to exfoliating. For that i use a good exfoliating face scrub and body wash scrub .What you have to do is basically take

a warm water not much hot, Rub the loofah all over your skin in a very gentle way with that body wash. And move your hands in a circular motion on your face.

Don’t be too hard on your face. And then rinse off.

HYDRATING MASK – Second step of Winter skin care routine

Restore suppleness and give dehydrated skin a moisture boost with a hardworking treatment.

Hydrating mask are very important to provide a good quantity of hydration to your skin .When you apply it leave that for 10-15 minutes. And then wash your face.

Don’t rub your face with a towel.

VAPOURISING – Third step of Winter skin care routine

You can get a steamer or a vaporizer in a market or they are easily available online .And they are super handy and are quite in a budget approx. Rs 300 to Rs 500. Trust me this skin care routine for winters will definitely help you to get a good skin throughout the winters.

Apply a cold cream and if you are thinking to go out don’t forget to apply a good moisturizing Sunscreen and always apply a good hydrating lip balm.


About the Author: Vandana Khubchandani

My name is Vandana Khubchandani. I am a Science Graduate student. And a Website Developer. All the makeup i know today all is taught by my Mom to me and off course YouTube helped me much. All this stuff about my blog is taught to me by my computer mentor. I am badly addicted to food and particularly my mom’s food and chocolates and ice-creams list is endless. I am huge crazy about Skin care products.

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